Should our nation legalise escort services.

Date Added: July 05, 2009 09:52:10 PM
Author: Tomas
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In the U.S.A, the latest research has shown that legislation for brothels and prostitution forces the people concerned out of brothels and into the residential areas. The Police policy actually reduces the quality of living in these neighbourhoods and leaves the local residents to put up with the dark world street prostitution. It goes short of saying that the biggest problem with it is that prostitutes are exposing themselves to an awful lot of danger. Prostitutes can be simple targets for sex attackers and serial killers etc. Specialists say that street prostitutes are the main visctims of serial killers. One answer to this problem would be to look at European cities such as Brussels or Prague. There brothels are completely legal and contained in a particular part of the town. This helps to reduce crime on the streets. Of course most importantly, prostitutes do expose their selves to much less threat then on the streets.One of the main negatives with street prostitution is it breeds a lifestyle of drug abuse for most prostitutes. Young women end up hooked as being arrested for prostitution will make it impossible to gain proper employment. Also though, it is often the case that many start taking hard drugs when they are young and they turn to prostitution to finance their habits. With prostitution being illegal, criminals like thieves or sex attackers see the street girls as soft targets to exploit. Working girls often won’t report being attacked or robbed for fear of being arrested themselves. If prostitution was legal more women would report crime as they would not be putting their selves at risk of being arrested. In such a situation, there would be far fewer criminals granted with the chance to commit these crimes and many more being prosecuted. Also, it would remove the illegal safe havens within the current unauthorized red light districts. European cities are a perfect example of this. Though its not perfect. It is much more successful then the U.S. policy.In the State of Nevada, prostitution is legal and after dedicated studying, sociologists concluded that this helps to substantially reduce crime. Therefore, this must prove that it doesn’t make sense to outlaw an activity that doesn’t cause any direct harm to anybody. When poor people are trying to earn a living in order to keep their home, prostitution can save them from poverty. For many, prostitution is seen as the only way to earn the money they need in order to survive. Some prostitutes don’t need money and some actually like their work. Some earn more cash then most of the people the know and live extremely comfortably. Bearing all these facts in mind, it doesn’t make sense to me why it is outlawed. The majority of people who use prostitutes are friendly, law abiding people with the exclusion of a tiny minority. Most quite simply are unlucky in relationships or cannot get a partner as they lack confidence. So in the end. The point which I’m trying to make is that if the police and government concentrated on more serious crimes instead of oppressing the brothel industry, the industry would be much safer, cleaner and pretty much trouble free. Therefore why don’t they make it legal with practicle rules to abide by.The author of this article, Tomas Cot is a professional escort in London. To get additional information's concerning prostitution in Europe look on this page escort services guide


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